Cody Simpson is definitely not living the life of a normal 17-year-old guy. He’s touring the world, strutting his stuff on red carpet and even showing off his incredible dance moves on Dancing With the Stars. But with all of this comes the struggle of keeping a romantic relationship going in the public eye.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with Cody at Wango Tango to talk about his public breakup with model Gigi Hadid, as well as opens up what we can expect from his new music!

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After dating for nearly a year, Cody and his supermodel girlfriend Gigi called it quits earlier this month, causing many of us to wonder how we’re even supposed to watch his “Surfboard” music video anymore! While we’ve been tempted to give him a giant hug, Cody told Chelsea that at the end of the day, the two remain solid friends. But how did he handle the public’s reaction? “It’s definitely very weird because, obviously, you have the personal and private side of things you have to look after, as well as this whole public thing to,” he said. “So even though you handled something perfectly private, it’s like, ‘Okay, how is this going to be portrayed the fan base, so it was tough.”

Cody continued, “Gi and I are still great friends, but it was just for work purposes. We both have a lot we have to focus on and we’re both in very critical phases in our lives where work has to come first, and I was the one to bring that up. We’re still best friends; we still talk all the time but it is what it is.”

Were you said to hear about Cody and Gigi’s split?