In case you’re new to Hollywire, we’re going to state the obvious: we’re totally obsessed with Ed Sheeran. Seriously, he’s our Ginger Jesus. So when Chelsea Briggs got the chance to chat it up with Ed at Wango Tango 2014, you know we had plenty to ask him.

From the release of his upcoming album X -- or Multiply  -- to that rumored collab with Demi Lovato, let’s just say that our love for Ed has completely grown after finding out he’s just as cool and down-to-earth as we expected!

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We and every other Sheerio out there has been waiting (im)patintly for the release for Ed’s sophomore album Multiply, out June 23rd! Since + was just a damn masterpiece, we had to know how he’s going to top his debut album’s success.

“I’ve traveled the world a lot more, I’ve experienced more things, I’ve grown up, I’ve listened to more music – everything changes every single day, I’m just influenced by more things,” he explained. “I’ve worked with more people on this one. I’ve given myself enough space to experiment.” Ed sure has! We already know he’s been in the studio with the likes of Usher and Skrillex, but we had to pick his brain about that rumored collaboration with Demi Lovato! Is it really happening? Ed said, “Yeah, we’ve been emailing each other, so that’s a good step forward. I’ll be seeing her at the end of the month.”

Who would you want to see Ed collaborate with next?