Guys, get ready. We’re having a bow-off! Ariana Grande vs. Camila Cabello: Who do you think rocked the sweet style better!?

Chelsea Briggs breaks it down in this week’s Fresh Trend Showdown!

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OK, first things first: WHOA. Ariana Grande is rocking this balance like a gymnast! That polka-dot top may be practically popping out of the picture, but sandwiched between a solid black bottom and a big tied bow, Ariana is still the center of attention. Her bow, although retro in feel, is modern and very, very sophisticated. The look is loud, yet approachable, proving that Ariana Grande knows what she is doing and what she is working with.

Now, onto the queen of Harmony: Camilla has obviously never backed away from daring fashion and this is no exception. She is rocking not one, not two but three dynamic patterns, but with crisp, classic lines and a sweet little bow up top, her personality is still coming through loud and clear! Because there’s so much pattern in her dress, that flashy patterned bow up top creates a perfect frame for her beautiful face. Seriously, we can’t stop looking at that bright red smile, which is obviously my favorite accessory!

Who do you think rocked the balanced bold-but-sweet look better?

Do you love it or are you thinking they tipped the scales in the wrong direction?