Watch out for the hat attack, guys! Jennifer Lawrence and Demi Lovato are top of the heap with this trend that goes atop your head but who do you think wore it better?

Chelsea Briggs breaks down these looks in this week’s Fresh Trend Showdown!

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So Jennifer Lawrence is like the cutest jet setter ever, right? With a long trench, artfully ripped jeans and that beautiful eggplant wide brimmed hat, she’s looking comfortable, yet fashionable. Now, she’s been rocking a lot of hats while she grows out her hair, but we’re really thinking this is a look she should stick to! She’s wearing her hat low, but we still see all of that smile poking through. Hey, wide brim/wide grin, right? Also, come on: we give extra credit to anyone who carries a teddy bear as an accessory. So cute!

Now moving on to the Queen Bee of fun fashion, Demi Lovato is looking hip, bright and totally on-point on the way to Good Morning America. Good morning indeed! That blue hair and crisp red lip will wake anyone up. Now her approach to the wide brimmed hat is definitely more suave; it’s worn tilted back so it frames the face like a halo. With a pin striped blazer and rocker tee, she’s looking pretty dang fresh guys.

Okay, so you know we gotta battle this one out. It’s a tough decision but we gotta side with our girl Demi on this one. Her look is fun, hip and like a ray of sunshine; but Jen, girl… we will fly with you anywhere. Seriously. Let’s do that. Like today. 

So who do you think about the wide brimmed hats?

Are you into them in a big way or are you not feeling it?