Taylor Swift OTP time! So, Ed Sheeran wants Tay to be with Orlando Bloom, but we’ve got a recommendation of our own. Can you say Paul Wesley?

Chelsea Briggs breaks it all down in this week’s My Hollywire OTP!

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So Ed knows Taylor pretty damn well, we’d say. In an interview, he recommended Orlando Bloom for Taylor. We can see it. They’re both statuesque and intelligent, he’s English, so he’s got a bit of that culture and with that, you know, Taylor would love.

But here’s where we’re coming from. Taylor said in April that she wanted to be with someone that was on her level when it comes to her career – uh, hello actor/director/model/hot hot vampire Paul Wesley! That next thing on her dating list was hot, like leading man hot. Oh, how funny – Paul Wesley? Yeah, he’s a leading man on The Vampire Diaries. And just look at those teen and hair and, well… everything. Last on Tay’s list? Bilingual. Hello! Homeboy speaks Polish!

Who do you ship Taylor with?

Orlando or Paul?