Get those nostalgia tissues ready because we’re OTPin’ it up 2010-style! This week, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens take on Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, but who will reign victorious in this flashback edition of My Hollywire OTP?

Chelsea Briggs breaks down these former couples in this week’s My Hollywire OTP!

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First up, Zac and Vanessa – a.k.a. Zanessa! These two had a good thing going on for three years and just as many High School Musical movies. For three years, we saw these two lovin’ in the park and on the red carpet, singing and dancing and going through a lot of different haircut phases. It was a lot of love they had, but eventually they called it quits in December 2010. The good news is they’re doing just fine and are still on good terms.

Now, let’s talk Joe and Demi – a.k.a. Jemi or the Camp Rock Dream Team. The two met on set, but didn’t really get to the romancing portion until Camp Rock 2 and guys, it was pretty obvious these two were feeling that spark! It was Demi’s first big relationship, so that was a huge deal, but it was sadly only meant for last for a few months when the two decided to just stay friends in 2010. They both seem pretty happy with their current loves and clearly Demi is still totally down with the Jonas clan; she had Nick Jonas as the creative director for her Neon Lights tour. We’re still holding out for a Camp Rock 3: The Final Final Jam.

Who is your flashback OTP?

Zanessa or Jemi?