Bandmates or SOULMATES!? I’m talking about Alex & Sierra and R5's Rydell & Ellington! Which of these pairs is your ultimate bandmate turned lover OTP!? 

Chelsea Briggs breaks down the pairings in this week’s My Hollywire OTP!

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Do I sense romance in the air!? So Alex & Sierra, otherwise known as “The Couple That Dominated X-Factor,” made everyone believe in the power of love. Not only did they make all the judges cry on the regular, but they melted our hearts with every… single… duet. Guys, they had such a journey. It’s just like Drake said “We started at the bottom, now we here” and not to brag or anything, but we’ve interviewed them like a hundred times and they’re the nicest people ever.

Okay, now onto my fanfic section, where I ship the ba-jesus out of Rydell and Ellington from R5. So these two need to just get together already. Not only is Ellington, A) the only guy you have constant contact with that isn’t a relative, but look at him, Rydell. Look at this adorable goofball. Once he sees out from behind his hair, you know he’s only looking at you. Also, don’t pretend you guys aren’t looking at each other all the time when you’re performing. WE SEE YOU, WE LOVE IT. IT’S 100% ADORBS. Did someone say Ship Montage!?Romance! Romance! Romance!

Who is your OTP this week?

Alex & Sierra or Rydellington?