There’s no denying that the ladies of Cimorelli are our favorites. #CoolestSistersEver. So when we heard that they were hosting a very special live stream to announce their brand new "Summer With Cimorelli" series, served fresh by Subway, you know we jumped at the chance to go!

Chelsea Briggs was reunited with Cimorelli at the YouTube Space in LA this week to talk about their new YouTube series and, of course, put them in the Hollywire Hot Seat.

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Here’s a little background on Cimorelli’s new series: for the next five weeks, the six girls will be playing fictionalized versions of themselves who have to get through an entire summer unsupervised. Seems easy enough, right? Well… nope! In the very first episode, titled “Home Alone,” the girls get in a tad bit of trouble when a party goes array. Oh, did we mention there was a llama involved in this party? Oh yeah, that happened.

To watch all of the Summer With Cimorelli as they roll out, just head to their YouTube channel!

What kind of adventure (or trouble) do you hope to see the sisters get in?