Grab your party hats, kids! It’s a good old fashioned Ed Sheeran Cover-Off! Between Demi Lovato, 5 Seconds of Summer and Birdy, who do you think covered Ginger Jesus better? 

Chelsea Briggs breaks down all the covers in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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So everyone loves Ed Sheeran, if you don’t, why? What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay? Anyway, our own crushing aside, some seriously talented musicians have taken on Sheeran ballads, but we totally want to know who you think did the holy-mackerel-most-amazing job of it!

First things first, let’s go ahead and get our Demi excitement out there. The two have officially announced that they’re going to collab and if this Demi cover of “Give Me Love” she did for iHeart is any clue, oh man, it’s gonna be so, so so so good.

Next, let’s talk Miss Birdy. Not only is she gorgeous and just insanely talented, she’s a Sheerio too! She won Open Mic UK at the age of 12. Yes 12. Just an idea of the talent here. She’s also on The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack with Ed, so we like to think they are now best buddies, but that might just be a pipedream.

And finally, you know we gotta talk 5SOS. These guys got their start singing covers on YouTube, so there’s no surprise that they’ve covered Mr. Sheeran’s “A-Team.” We think the surprise is how quickly they go from joking around and being adorably silly to just laying down some seriously soulful harmony.

Who you think did Ed Sheeran the most justice?