Welcome to a Manic Monday – OTP time! This week, we’re looking to some saucy in-studio romances. So if you could ship Ariana Grande with Harry Styles or Justin Bieber: who would be your #1 OTP!? 

Chelsea Briggs breaks down these pairings in this week’s My Hollywire OTP!

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Okay, so obviously, these are our fantasy OTPs, because we know Ariana’s taken, but there’s something super-hot about an in-studio romance right? Late nights, all that creative energy. So let's start with some Justin-shipping.

Even though we haven’t heard the song yet, and we’re not sure when it's going to happen, you have to admit that this Instagram pic still gives you some feels. Like, we freaking love the idea of them just soulfully singing together and combing each other’s beautiful hair -- so much hair. All the hair. It’s a beautiful thought, right? Whether you like this thought or not you have to admit, they'd be super cute. Am I right or am I right?

 But let’s talk about another collab we can’t stop thinking about: yeah, Harry and Ariana -- Harrari. Hazza totally wrote a song for her album and she already gushed about how great he did on it and how talented he is during Total Ariana Live, but guys: let’s meditate on this for a minute. These two would be a power couple -- we’re talking Beyonce/Jay-Z power… with even better hair. Even better clothes: yeah, we said it. The pow-uh, it gives me chills!

 If you had to choose between Harry and Justin for Ariana, who would be your #1 OTP!?