It’s that time again – The 4th Annual Streamy Awards are about to go down and we need YOUR help! In case you’re not familiar with The Streamy Awards, allow us to explain. The show honors the best in online video content and the creators behind it. It brings together some of the biggest names in in the YouTube and online video community and gives them some much-deserved recognition.

So where do you come in? Well, there’s a little thing called Fan Nominations and since you’re SUCH a good fan and all, we need your help to earn a nomination!

Below are our nominations for this year’s Streamy Awards! Follow the links below to show your support and VOTE!

Oh ya, did I mention... PLEASE VOTE!!!

Best Entertainment News Channel - Hollywire TV VOTE HERE:

Best Entertainment Host - Chelsea Briggs (Ensemble Cast) | VOTE HERE:

Best TV Expert Host - Ciara McVey (Ensemble Cast) | VOTE HERE: 

Favorite Show - WTF Wednesday (News & Current Events) | VOTE HERE:

Favorite Fashion Show - Fresh Trend Showdown (Fashion) | VOTE HERE:​ 


Voting is open until August 3rd, so help us out with just the click of a button! We’ll give you a virtual hug as a thank you.