It’s summertime, and we all know what that means… shirtless hotties! And BBQs, pool parties, and air conditioning… but more importantly, shirtless guys! Drew Chadwick and Justin Bieber are giving us hot flashes over here with their perfectly sun-kissed, sculpted bodies! So who do you think deserves to win this week’s Shirtless Showdown?

Chelsea Briggs gives you all the drool-worthy deets in this Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Boy, oh, boy! Drew and Justin, let us just start off by saying “Thank You.” We tip our sun hats to you gorgeous men! Okay, first off, Drew, it’s gotta be a crime to look that good! I mean, why wear a shirt with a body like that? Am I right or am I right? The former Emblem3 heartthrob is looking gorge as ever and we hope to see more shirtless pics in the future. Perhaps for the cover art of his next solo single? Just a thought.

And Justin, when did you grow up so fast? It seems like just yesterday you were singing “One Time” all bright-eyed and baby-faced. Now look at you! Yes, Justin’s been in a scuffle or two, but woo! Let’s just put the drama aside for a second and enjoy the view. Looks like trading in those boyish bangs for a chiseled armful of tattoos worked in his favor! Can we turn the fan on in here? 

Okay guys, wherever you are – hopefully lounging on a hammock with a fruity umbrella drink in hand – let us know who you think should win Shirtless Showdown! 

Are you #TeamShirtlessDrew or #TeamJB?