If you’re like us, you’re probably feeling a little empty without your weekly Jersey Shore fix for the last few years. Hello! Thursday night was the BEST! Well, if you’re dying to have another wild and crazy reality show to be completely addicted to, then MTV’s Slednecks is right up your alley!


Coming on October 30th, Slednecks will follow a group of friends in Wasilla, Alaska that are all about having a wild time in the great outdoors! Being surrounded by mountains and rivers, there’s not much to do, so these friends make the most of what they have a have a serious blast doing it. Guys, we’re talking polar bear plunges, air boating on ice, glacier parties and a whole lot more! Think Jersey Shore but in the middle of nowhere.

This group doesn’t hold anything back and have one thing on their minds: to have a BLAST! I mean, what more could you want from a TV show?

You can catch the first episode of Slednecks when it premieres on MTV on Thursday, October 30th at 10PM.

Will you be tuning into Slednecks