Guys, it’s 5SOS Week! That’s right, we’re SO excited for DerpCon that we are celebrating our beautiful boys every, single day this week. We’re kicking the week off with Mr. Penguin himself: Luke Hemmings!

Chelsea Briggs brings all things Luke-isms in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

Okay, so he may be the tallest member of the group, but there’s so many more things to love about Luke. Like the fact that he took school so seriously, even after some of the other guys dropped out. Or how his mom, Liz, is everyone’s actual favorite member of 5SOS. Guys, he even makes air funny. Who does that?!

We could go on and on about Luke all day long (which we are on Twitter, by the way), but we’ll just let the little mashup in the video above finish Luke Hemmings Day off.

What is YOUR favorite Luke-ism?