Trouble, trouble, trouble...

Last night, 20-year-old Vine personality, Cameron Dallas, was arrested in Hollywood for vandalism.

After receiving mulitple visits to his home from the police on Wednesday night, the 'Expelled' star was arrested on a felony vandalism charge, and held on a $20,000 bail.

Police made their first visit to Dallas' Hollywood apartment when reports of a wild party reached them.  Though no action was taken, it's clear that the warning he received was not stern enough, because officers returned later that evening when someone reportedly threw a paint can off his sixth-story balcony, which came very close to hitting a women was walking on the sidewalk below.

When policed entered the building for the second time, they found Dallas' entire apartment - including the complex hallway - covered in paint, at which point the Vine star was arrested.

There are additional reports that the whole ordeal might have been a stunt for Dallas' upcoming video.  In fact, later that evening Cameron tweeted:

Either way, we're curious to see how this all plays out... on Vine and in court!

We want to know your thoughts! Do you think this was real or staged?! Let us know in the comments section below!