This is what we call a happy Monday!  So, true story, sometimes conversation can get a bit weird here at the Hollywire.  We talk about entertainment, music, celebrities...  So when the statement, "He has a beautiful jaw line," was made we had to run with it!  You're welcome.

Here is our list of the top 15 most man crush-worthy celebrity jaw lines:


15.  Matt Bomer

Looks perfect in a "White Collar" shirt...

14.  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Quit playing Games (Of Thrones) with our heart UGH

13.  Michael B. Jordan

My... what a Fantastic (Four) jawline you have


12.  Jamie Dornan

50 Shades of the perfect jawline

11.  Josh Hutcherson

Happy Hunger Games, indeed... cause we're feeling a little thirsty

10.  Colton Haynes
All Arrows point to... YES

9.  Scott Foley 

He won our hearts on Scandal, but he should definitely win some kind of award for that jawline

8.  Gregg Sulkin 

He may be on Faking It, but there's no way he's faking that perfect bone structure

7.  Jack Falahee 

That jawline (plus bonus smirk) makes us weak at the knees

6.  Justin Baldondi

Yes, that's a great jawline

5. Jesse Williams

The Grey's Anatomy heartthrob may be know for his eyes, but that chisled chin is pretty fantastic

4.  Theo James 

Did you know the name "Theo" is derived from the Greek word "Theos" meaning God. We aren't surprised. 

3. Zac Efron

You and that jawline can DEFINITELY be our Neighbor

2.  Ian Somerhalder 


And last but not least...

1.  Zayn Malik

We don't really have anything to say but thank much. 

Well there you have it! We hope your Monday is a little better now... we will be really surprised if it isn't.


What do you think?  Did your favorite make the list?  Let us know in the comments!