This past weekend, Taylor Swift’s bff Abigail Anderson celebrated her 25th birthday in style. Taylor posted some of the photos from the party on her Instagram, which shows off celeb guests like Haley Williams from Paramore and members of the Kings of Leon.

The best part of the whole celebration? The special surprise Taylor set up for her BFF.

In a series of Instagram videos, Taylor can be seen making a speech about Abigail, and how her favorite band growing up was Dashboard Confessional. Well… looks like Tay had a little something up her sleeve, when the lead singer of Dashboard Confessional, Chris Carrabba walked out and started playing a song for Abagail’s birthday!

Thanks to the Daily Mail for compiling all of the videos together, because embedding Instagram videos is basically impossible. Check it out!

The video shows her reaction to the whole thing. Talk about the best birthday surprise ever!

If your BFF wanted to surprise you, who should they get to play at your birthday party?

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