Ohhh it’s just so cringe-worthy! Aziz Ansari is making the promotional rounds for his new dating book Modern Romance and stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to talk about the first text. According to Aziz, it’s extremely important and after watching this segment, we couldn’t agree more!

Called “First Textual Experience,” Aziz and Jimmy read REAL first texts sent in by viewers and oh man, it’s pretty bad. From not knowing how to proof-read (important) to coming on just a little too strong (or creepy), this whole clip is hilarious.

Ughh dating is just SO awkward! Just a tip: don’t ever use the sentence, “I wanted to say hi and sort of ‘texty’ introduce myself.” Actually, here’s another tip: don’t use the word “texty.” Like, ever.

What’s the most embarrassing text you’ve ever sent or received?