From sending her fans personalized packages during Christmas time to inviting dozens of Swifties over for a massive 1989 party before her album dropped, it’s no secret that Taylor Swift absolutely adores her fans. Well, the superstar singer has done it again. Since joining Tumblr last year, Taylor sure has made a splash on the social media site. This time her philanthropic act includes sending her fans sweet, encouraging messages over the blogging platform. Here are five of Taylor’s sweetest Tumblr moments.

1. Back to school is an emotional time for all of us. Luckily, Taylor is here to make it all better. The singer’s most recent act of kindness happened just last Thursday when Taylor comforted a young fan who expressed her loneliness and fear of going back to school. In natural T. Swift fashion, the superstar in a series of messages below making it all better. Can Taylor just adopt us?

2. Saint Taylor Swift struck again earlier this year when the singer wrote to a fan who explained to her that he was being bullied because of his name and his body. Taylor swiftly sprung to action in penning the touching letter below acknowledging the fan’s feelings and lifting up his spirits. There is a no bullying policy with Taylor Swift and what she says goes.

3. Taylor proved she was the human incarnation of Chicken Soup for the Soul when she comforted a fan on Mother’s Day earlier this year when the fan wrote her a heartbreaking letter about the difficulty of spending Mother’s Day after her mother passed away. Taylor wrote back to the fan sympathizing with her pain, telling her to keep her chin up and sending her love in both hashtags and energy.

4. If someone knows how to give breakup advice, it sure is Taylor Swift. The singer proved she was more than just a brilliant songwriter, but an incredible relationship therapist as well when she wrote to a fan who just had her boyfriend break up with her out of the blue. Like the big sis everyone wishes they had, Taylor quickly replied to the fan with comforting words, advice on how to get over a breakup and a “moving on” playlist. YAS GIRL!

5. But the love doesn’t just stop on Tumblr. The pop princesses took to Instagram last year to comfort a fan who expressed her experience with bullying and fear of starting high school. Taylor penned a long, heart-felt letter on the image-sharing app raising the fan’s spirits, expressing her sympathy and giving her advice on how to deal with bullies. (Hint: Just shake it off). Looks like Taylor’s heart is just as golden as her hair.  

Which Taylor Tumblr do you think was the sweetest? Sound off below!