Celebrities, they’re just like us—they were babies once too! Indeed, #ThrowbackThursday is a time in which celebs flood social media with vintage pictures from foregone eras, and the trend is now so popular that throwback pictures are posted every day of the week!

1. Lorde

Photo via @SonjaYelich on Instagram

Lorde fans were treated to a look into her childhood Sunday after her mother took to Instagram to share photos of the pop sensation at nine years old doing what she does best: singing. Talk about foreshadowing! Additionally, the singer’s mom also shared a baby picture of Lorde with her older sister, Jerry Yelich-O’Connor (see article's main photo). Very cute!

2. Kim Kardashian

Photo via @KimKardashian on Instagram

The selfie queen herself has an arsenal of throwbacks. Recently, Kim posted a baby picture of herself and her grandma in honor of her grandma’s birthday. They grow up so fast!

3. Beyonce 

Photo via @Beyonce on Instagram

Queen Bey posted the ultimate throwback in honor of Father’s Day. The snap features baby-Yonce sitting on the floor with her dad crouched behind her. Given the grainy quality of the picture, it is indeed quite a throwback, and an authentic one at that. Our best guess is her dad was crouched behind her because he was about to softly whisper “You are Destiny’s Child” in her ear.

4. Justin Bieber

Photo via @JustinBieber on Instagram

Justin threw it back to the bowl-cut days with this picture. The snap, a tribute to his deceased puppy, also brings back memories of the pop star’s career beginnings, as the pint-sized tween singing sensation whose haircut—aptly dubbed “the Bieber”—spawned a revolution.

5. Taylor Swift

Photo via @TaylorSwift on Instagram

Taylor Swift took it back an entire decade in this snap with BFF Abigail. The two were dressed to the nines in long shiny dresses and thick protective gloves. They were clearly having a grand time, as Taylor is visibly laughing while Abigail strikes a pose. Oh, to be in high school once more!

Which is your favorite throwback? Comment below!