Is it just us or are all the cutest couples on the internet?! Seriously- we cannot get over these adorable YouTube stars and their significant others. Whether they're engaged, married, or just started dating, we can't get enough of the Q&A's, challenges, and vlogs! Let's take a look at some of the ships all over the interwebs. 

1. Alfie & Zoella 

Zoe Sugg is 24 years-old British YouTuber and is dating Alfie Deyes! Together, they are #Zalfie. The two individually have several million subscribers! Talk about YouTube relationship goals. They've been dating since 2013 and currently live together!  

2. Parker & Aspyn

Aspyn Ovard, also known as HauteBrilliance, is a beauty guru living in Utah and recently got engaged to Parker Ferris. Aspyn changed her vlog channel name to Aspyn + Parker, and now Parker is officially apart of the channel! Watch their adorable engagement video (he proposed in Greece!) here. They will be getting married on October 23rd! 

3. Hannah & Ingrid

Even though this relationship is fairly new, we totally ship it! Hannah Hart, also known as the host of her YouTube series My Drunk Kitchen and Ingrid Nilson, or Miss Glamorazzi, recently went public with their adorable relationship. Ingrid came out as gay in an emotional video she posted to her channel in June. Hannah talked to Diva Magazine and said of Ingrid, "I met someone who's a great fit for me. She's also a YouTuber...we've actually been frends for a couple of years and then circumstances kind of aligned...She's one of the most brilliant, soulful people I've ever met." Is that not the cutest thing you've ever heard?! The couple offically came out at the 2015 Streamy Awards and have since posted a picture together and Jim & Tanya's wedding. 

4. Jim & Tanya


All the feels! YouTube stars Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman tied the knot in September! The couple started dating in 2007 and got married in Somerset, England. Despite having several big names in the YouTube community in attendance (Hannah Hart, Ingrid Nilsen, Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, and PixiWoo) the couple insisted on a no vlogging rule for the ceremony. Jim told fans they wanted it to be a really intimate, private affair. With all that they document on the internet, they deserved a little privacy on their big day! 

5. Marcus & Niomi

Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart are one of the most popular YouTube couples around. The couple started dating as teenagers and started uploading in 2007. Marcus creates his channel in 2010 while Niomi was studying for a law degree. Niomi set up her own channel in 2014. Fans have coined them "Narcus". This couple has been through so much and YouTube is just one part of their journey! We're so happy for them and are so glad fans have been shipping them from the beginning. 

6. Dan & Nikki 

Nikki Phillipi started off making her own beauty videos on YouTube and eventually the two started vlogging together! Dan and Nikki met four times before he actually remembered her, and says when he first met her at school, he knew right away that she was the one he wanted to marry. Awwww! They dated for eleven months and then he proposed! They were married eight months later and have been married for eight years now! Their vlogs include healthy grocery hauls, Dan racing cars, and their adorable pups. 

7. Felix (PewDiePie) and Marzia 

Felix Kjellberg and girlfriend Marzia Bisognin are better known as PewDiePie and CutiePieMarzia. The two created a miniseries for the horror movie As Above, As Below consisting of six videos with over 20 million views. Although the two are so stinkin' cute together, it can't be easy dating one of the biggest YouTube acts there is. Marzia made a video strictly for caling out haters and defended herself from those calling her nothing but "Pewdiepie's girlfriend." She wants the world to know she makes her own money and supports herself, and that she does not have bad intentions by dating someone who happens to be incredibly famous on the internet. You go girl! 

8. Fleur and Mike 

More British couples on Youtube! There must be something in the water over there. Fleur, also known as FleurDeForce, is married to Mike DeForce. They met at a friends barbeque and Fleur described it as "love at first sight"! 

What YouTube couple do you ship the most??