We are all obsessed with the song "Here" and the girl who sings it, newcomer Alessia Cara. Her debut album, Know It All, drops Nov. 13 via Def Jam and there aren't enough words to explain how STOKED we are for it.

To get you prepped and ready for Alessia, who's bound to be the next-big-thing, let's learn more abouther with 10 fun facts!

1. She Started On YouTube

Alessia posted her first cover to YouTube when she was just 13 years old, at her mothers request. The song was Jessie J's "Price Tag". She signed a management deal at age 16, got a record deal, and the rest is history!

2. Instagram Is Her Favorite Social Media App

Alessia announced her album through the app Instagram. She said, "I feel like Instagram is just cool. It's my favorite app because I love pictures and being visual- I feel like visuals are so important, so releasing it on here makes the most sense." Not surprising for such a creative soul!

3. She's Always Been Creative 

Like we know, Alessia started her channel at age 13, but before that she was involved in theatre and wrote poetry. At age ten, she picked up the guitar. She's just too talented!

4. She's From Canada

Alessia grew up on the outskirts of Toronto in an Italian home. She thinks back to her childhood saying, "My house was very strange. I didn't do things other kids did because my parents were very strict- I stayed at home, quiet in my room." She even made videos from her closet! Alessia is also a huge fan of Drake, a fellow Canadian. 

5. She Is Really Shy 

You wouldn't guess a celebrity or singer (who performs in front of the world) would be shy- but she is! She told The Daily Beast, "I was really too shy to sing in front of people. I could never go up in front of an audience and sing, so my way of 'cheating' and practicing for the real thing was to make those videos. It was my way of easing into it, and it was good practice." 

6. She Has A Tattoo

She told Billboard about her tattoo saying, "It's a paper sailboat. They seem so frail, but when you put them on water they float. It's a reminer that even though I'm small and seem weak, I'm not." Oh girl, we can tell! 

7. She Is A Queen At Impressions 

Just watch her nail these Lorde, Iggy Azalea, and Ariana Grande impressions. Dang! 

8. Her Sign Is Cancer 

Cancers are known for hiding away from the world and being very shy and closed off. Being a singer, you wouldn't think anyone would have this personality, but she relates to it. She says, "I am very much a Cancer in that sense, where I like to be at home and cuddle in my bed, or be with my family and friends. I've always been in my room a lot." 

9. She's Been Compared To Lorde 

This up and comer has such a unique voice, but there's one person she gets compared to a lot. Lorde! She appreciates the comparison and talks her favorites up saying, "Artists like Lorde and Raury, who really speak for young people. That music resonates with me, and it puts a positive light on teens. I love teen anthems." Speak the truth! We can't get enough of this girl power. 

10. She's All About Empowerment 

She tells Pitchfork, "I want to empower people with my whole album, and all the music I make in the future. Even if it sounds vulnerable, or not as uplifting, I still want to share a message that's going to help people. I feel like young women especially are so pressured to look and act a certain way. I want to touch upon that and be a voice for young women and say, 'You don't have to follow these standard, you shoud love yourself." Isn't she so wise and mature for her age?! We love that this teenager wants to inspire and empower her peers and listeners. 

What's your favorite thing about Alessia Cara??