Happy birthday Holland Roden! The Teen Wolf star is 29 today. Holland's character on the show, Lydia Martin, has the best attitude and killer fashion. Let's take a look at some of Lydia's best style moments. 

1. Blue Dress Perfection 

Let's ignore the guy in the back who should've slept a little more the night before. It's not like HE was out fighting the Dread Doctors and dnagerous shapeshifters. That red bag and navy blue dress suit her so well. I mean, just look at the student next to her- polo and sleevless hoodie? He needs some style tips from Lydia. 

2. The Famous Crown Braid

Lydia Martin basically invented the crown braided hairstyle. How effortless and put together does she always look?! Her strawberry locks are literally flawless. Please teach us your hair ways! Her "barely there" makeup is always also on point. 

3. Effortless School Style

We totally show up to school like this also. Lydia rocks the little black dress like no other. Pairing it with that necklace makes it look like she actually put effort into her look, and just added a camel colored jacket because it was a little cold out. Even if these two are always stressed out with supernatural forces all over their town, at least they look fantastic. 

4. Hun + Faux Skirt 

Oh heeeey Stiles. Okay, not the point. Was Lydia also the inventor of the 'hun'? You know, the half up bun. It's basically a new spin on the lazy girl's topknot. Whatever it is, she rocks it. Let's also talk about that peter pan collared shirt with dogs on it? Only she could pull that off. Lydia's style in this episode is especially unique-she's never one to be matchy-matchy or copy trends. 

5. Adorable Everyday Outfit 

Just a casual, everyday walk through the woods with a crossbow. No matter what the day brings, Lydia is always prepared. We can't enough of these booties (perfect for stomping through the leaves), pleated skirt, and lace top. Don't forget about the red lipstick or almost too-perfect middle part!

6. Hostess With the Mostess

If there's one thing we know, it's that Lydia can host a party. Her birthday party, specifically. What must a host wear while carrying around a tray of drinks? A gorgeous blue geometrical dress of course. 

7. I'm Terrified But Still Going to Look Good

Lydia is shown here (probably wandering around about to discover a body) in another gorgeous blue dress that goes perfectly with her pale perfection and still never-out-of-place locks. Check out that vintage-looking jean jacket and red crossbody bag! Get it girl. 

8. Going For a Swim

Okay, so we know Lydia wasn't actually swimming in this episode. Unless she's planning on swimming in that gorgeous green coat and nude heels. 

9. Little Beige Dress

How adorable is Lydia in this little beige floral dress and green belt?! The booties she was seen walking around in the woods also make a reappearance. 

10. Cutouts For Days 

Deep red lips, high ponytail, and a mint colored shirt with cutouts in it. Genius. Perfect for a night out dancing at a glow rave. Side note: Where can we find a glow rave with all those cute boys?!

What is your favorite outfit Lydia has worn?