Now, don’t get us wrong: we love our families. But we can all agree that sometimes we look at other families and think, “Damn, I bet your Thanksgiving is insane!” Well, we completely understand how you feel, and we’re here to discuss which families—real and fictional—we think embody “Thanksgiving Goals.”

The Kardashians

Now before you start freaking out at us, just hear us out. Can you imagine how ridiculous a Kardashian Christmas would be? Can you imagine the sheer amount of selfie-taking and couture fashion going on at that kind of Thanksgiving? Can you imagine Kanye West? We’re not quite sure if we would be able to keep up it, but we’re DEFINITELY “kurious” about how the Kardashian ThanKsgiving would go.

The Gilmore Family

If you love mother-daughter bonding, then this goes out to you. We think that a Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving with Lorelai and Rory would be fun, relatively low-key, and educational. But we DEFINITELY wouldn’t go to four Thanksgiving dinners in a row a la “A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving.” Sorry, Lorelai and Rory, looks like it’s just you two on that one.

The Carter-Knowles Family

We’re both curious and terrified by the thought of spending Thanksgiving with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. On one hand, everyone you know would be insanely jealous, and Blue Ivy is ridiculously adorable. But on the other hand, we feel like if we went to dinner with the Carter-Knowles crew we would be too terrified of screwing something up in front of them to eat. Tell us it’s not just us!

The Banks Family

Seriously, who didn’t feel jealous of the Banks family in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Not only did they have that gorgeous house, but you would get to hang out with hilarious young Will, goofy Carlton, airheaded Hillary, and Geoffrey would serve your meal with a serious side of sass. Just as long as Uncle Phil doesn’t throw us out the front door, we’re in!

The Royal Family

Yes, we know. We know that Thanksgiving is only celebrated in America. But just stop and think about this for a minute. HOW amazing would it be to celebrate with the Royal Family? How much fun would it be to get to see how adorable Prince George is while eating with the Queen? How much fun would it be to get to spend the meal with Prince Harry? Yup, we see absolutely no flaws in this. If you guys ever want to celebrate Thanksgiving, you know who to contact!

All of Those Blended Families from Gossip Girl

Some of the highlights of Gossip Girl were the deliciously dramatic Thanksgiving episodes. Spending Thanksgiving with the Bass-van der Woodsen-Humphrey clan or with the Waldorfs might not be the most relaxing way to celebrate the holiday, but Thanksgiving on the Upper East Side guarantees some flawless winter fashion and some juicy drama.

The Pinkett-Smith Family

From the Fresh Prince to real life, Will Smith is definitely our Thanksgiving goals. The Pinkett-Smith clan is full of interesting people, and it doesn’t seem like there’d be a dull moment with them. Seriously, what kind of stuff do you think Jaden Smith talks about at the Thanksgiving table? We’re prepared to find out.

The Pritchetts

Speaking of fun-filled Thanksgivings, who better to celebrate with than America’s Modern Family? Turkey might be full of tryptophan, but we can guarantee that no one would fall asleep during a Modern Family Thanksgiving. If we get to end the meal with some Punkin Chunkin, it’s all the better!

The Jolie-Pitt Family

Show of hands, who HASN’T wondered how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt celebrate Thanksgiving? Who hasn’t wondered how their many children like to spend the holiday? Would Brad be as spiteful as he was when he guest-starred in that Friends Thanksgiving episode? Would there be some sort of charity element? We don’t know what to expect, but it’s probably flawless.

The Crew from Friends

In this day and age, just as many people are celebrating Friendsgiving as Thanksgiving, and who better to hang out with for Friendsgiving than THE Friends? Judging by the variety of Thanksgiving episodes that the show has had, we really have no idea how a Friendsgiving with that crew would go, but we do know that there would be a good amount of goofy shenanigans, something vaguely traumatizing would happen, and we would end the celebrations by finally eating our Thanksgiving meal and pronouncing how grateful we were to have each other. Sounds good to us! So, should we meet at the Central Perk?


Which fictional family do you want to spend Thanksgiving with?