Another day, another One Direction dating rumor. So who’s up today? Louis Tomlinson, of course. People are speculating that Tommo could be dating The Orginals star Danielle Campbell because they got milkshakes together and have hung out a couple of times. Do we think they’re dating? Let’s talk it out…

On Sunday December 7th Louis and Danielle went to Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood around 9 p.m. An insider said that Louis was all over Danielle and he was being super playful and lovey like normal couples do. HOWEVER this is not the most shocking and confusing part of this story. Are you ready for it? Together they ordered not one, not two, but FOUR milkshakes. Why?! There are only two of you! I mean I guess when you’re Louis Tomlinson you can do whatever you want. We’re just jealous we’re not sharing four milkshakes with Lou tbqh.

Anyway, here’s a picture of them drinking four milkshakes.

We know you can’t even see the milkshakes, just pretend.

This isn’t the first time Louis and Danielle have hung out. They hung out together at Booty Bellows in LA a couple weeks back, and Danielle’s friend Keelin Woodell shared this picture of them together on Insta.

Well, that’s literally all the evidence we have on whether or not Louis and Danielle are dating. At this point, we’ve just learned to roll with the dating rumors and only believe they are true if the boys say so themselves!

Do you think Louis and Danielle would make a nice couple? LMK!