One second into Justin Bieber’s track “I’ll Be There,” and I was sold. The synthy flow of the song instantly hooks you and—if you weren’t already a Belieber, well I hate to break it to you, but you might not have a choice at this point. Don’t take it from me though!

The song, which surfaced today, has Justin singing, “I’ll be there, holding you close to my heart.” I wonder who this could be about! Guesses?

Later in the song, Justin even breaks into a rap!

But really, I shouldn’t be surprised at the sonic delight of this song—Purpose delivered in so many ways. I wonder why “I’ll Be There” didn’t make the cut?

Also guys—bonus! An undercover Biebs treated guests to Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” at The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills last night. With all the rumors about Justin’s personal life, we’ve got to remember-- the man’s got some serious musical chops. Good thing he gave us this reminder:


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Justin, we’ll come to your piano bar any day. Swoon!

What do you guys think of Justin Bieber’s song “I’ll Be There?”