Let’s just take a second and realize how lucky we are that younger generations have someone like Rowan Blanchard to look up to. The Girl Meets World actress came out as queer on Twitter, and discussed how she would love to see more LBGTQ representation on television.

It all started when a fan tweeted “BisexualRileyMatthews2k16”

Rowan responded to the tweet by saying, “would really be here for this! If not Riley- its vvv important to me, being queer, that there is representation on our show”

Rowan is only 14 years old, yet she’s brave enough to come out, and show who she truly is to her following. That’s pretty amazing.

She also went on to say, “& being queer to me just means not putting a label on sexuality- just exisiting”

YES GIRL, PREACH! We could not agree with, and support Rowan more. We would also love to see more representation on television, so we hope Girl Meets World takes a listen to what Rowan’s fans want!

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