Let’s be honest: the commercials are one of the best parts of the Super Bowl. This is the day that companies shell out an outrageous amount of cash to have a 30-second spot play during Sunday’s big game and hope to be one of the most-talked about commercials of the year.

With Super Bowl 50 just a couple days away, plenty of brands have released their ads throughout the week, already getting people talking! So before you sit down with your best buds and your favorite snacks (pizza is a must) on Sunday, take a look at all the Super Bowl 50 ads that have been released – so far! 

The Bud Light Party featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen

What’s more American than politics, Amy and Seth and Bud Light? The two stars teamed up for a political spoof, telling the crowd that “nothing brings America together like Bud Light.”


Hyundai’s Ryanville

Honestly, what’s better than a place that’s nothing but Ryan Reynolds? I’m talking Ryan Reynolds playing football with Ryan Reynolds kind of place. Well, Hyundai made our dreams come true with this one.


Skittles: “The Portrait” featuring Steven Tyler

A portrait of Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler, completely made out of Skittles?! Where can we get one of those? I mean, made of us… not Steven… because that would be weird…


Budweiser’s “Simply Put” featuring Helen Mirren

When THE Helen Mirren tells you to avoid drinking and driving, you listen. Especially after she says, “If you drive drunk, you – simply put – are a shortsighted, utterly useless, oxygen-wasting human form of pollution, a Darwin award-deserving selfish coward.”


The NFL’s “Super Bowl Babies” featuring Seal

Fun fact: data suggests nine months after a Super Bowl victory, winning cities see a rise in births. They’re called Super Bowl Babies. At least that’s what the ad told us and you know what? We believe it.


T-Mobile’s “You Got Carriered” featuring Drake

Are you completely sick of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” yet? Well, we hope not because T-Mobile attempted to put a twist on the hit song and Drake’s responses are hilarious.


Acura’s “What He Said”

If you’re obsessed with cars, you’ll appreciate this one. To celebrate Acura’s new NSX, they showed us how to car is created from start to finish with a little Van Halen for the background tunes.


Avocados From Mexico’s “Avocadoes in Space”

If aliens came down to our earth, what would they learn about? Well, there’s Emojis, there’s Scott Baio and there’s Mexico’s avocados that are ready for tasting all year long! Think they’d be impressed?


AXE’s “Find Your Magic”

Fellas, this one’s for you! Be yourself and embrace what makes you YOU! Sure, even if it’s your love for kittens.


Colgate’s “Save Water” PSA

While we’re loving all the funny commercials so far, Colgate went for a more serious approach, encouraging people to shut off their water while brushing their teeth. Save water, people!


Death Wish Coffee’s “Storm’s a-Brewin’”

Winning Super Bowl 50’s “Small Business, Big Game” contest, Death Wish Coffee should just how tough it really is.


Heinz’s “Wiener Stampede”

Okay, all you need to know about this one is it include Dachshund puppies. Enjoy!


Kia Optima’s “Walken Closet” featuring Christopher Walken

YES! Who doesn’t love a Super Bowl commercial with Christopher Walken?! In this one, the car company wants the world to make a statement! That means stepping away from those beige socks…


LG’s “The Man From the Future” featuring Liam Neeson

Get ready! Liam explains that the “future must be protected” and LG’s new OLED TVs will “change everything.” Okay… we’re intrigued!


Mini’s “Defy Label”

Holy famous faces in one commercial! We’ve got Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, Tony Hawk, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, Harvey Keitel and more come together to spread the message that no one can define you.


Pokémon’s “Train On”

Can you believe that Pokémon is celebrating its 20th anniversary! In the company’s first Super Bowl ad, it features everyone from athletes to chess players and games (obviously).


Shock Top’s “Unfiltered Talk”

What do you get when you take Silicon Valley’s T.J. Miller and Shock Top’s orange wedge mascot and put them together? This hilarious ad!


Apartments.com “Moving Day”

Jeff Goldblum and Lil Wayne in one commercial? Do we need to say more?


James Harden Behind the Scenes of Taco Bell’s Super Secret Project

What is it?! Not even NBA player James Harden knows what Taco Bell has up its sleeve – or in this strange green box.


Alec Baldwin Introduces Amazon’s Echo

Move over, Siri! Amazon has a new voice-activated device called Echo coming our way!


Doritos: Bold Forever

Grab the tissues because Doritos is making us all sorts of emotional with their 10-year mashup. Where did the time go?!


Coca-Cola: “It’s Beautiful”

This one just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Featuring different languages and nationalities in America, Coca-Cola nailed it with this one.


Michelob ULTRA: “Run That Extra Mile

So you busted your ass at the game? Or you can that extra mile? Why not reward yourself… with some beer? 


Paypal New Money Vs. Old Money

Technology these days is rapidly growing and teaching us that carrying cash and change in your wallet is so yesterday. 


Snickers: Marilyn

Ohhh, so that's how they got that scene so perfect. All it took was a Snickers! 


Hyundai “First Date” Featuring Kevin Hart

Imagine having Kevin Hart for a dad. Now imagine Kevin being the father of the girl you’re about to date. Yeah, he’s not letting anything slide in this one.


Joy of Pepsi Featuring Janelle Monae

This one just brings a smile to our face! Janelle takes us on a little time-traveling journey while paying homage to some of the greatest musical acts! 

Which Super Bowl ad has been your favorite so far?