Tweet to a star and it usually goes unnoticed. Tweet to Gina Rodriguez and she’ll give you her award show dress! The Jane The Virgin star has been rising on my list of favorite celebs for awhile, and the generosity she showed to a fan just lookin’ for a prom dress shot her straight to the top. Read on for more reasons we are obsessed with Gina Rodriguez. 

1. The Dress Giveaway.

Gina keeps it real on Twitter! She communicates with fans, gives advice on finding scholarships, wields requests for tattoos in her handwriting…and now, gives away award show dresses! A fan named Jessica Cassanova tweeted her asking to wear Gina’s Golden Globes dress to prom. Gina replied, “I only own my first globes dress from last year…maybe we can make this happen.“

But don’t get your hopes too high- Gina said it’s the only award show dress she actually owns.

2. She Played it Seriously Cool When That Whole Latina Mixup Happened.

After the Golden Globes’ official Twitter account publicly mistook America Ferrera for Gina Rodriguez (both prominent Latinas in Hollywood), Gina played it cool. Entertainment Tonight asked her what she thought of the mixup and she replied, “Who cares? America's lovely. She's so beautiful and such a fantastic actress. If there's anybody I want to get mixed up with, it's her, for sure!" Aww!

3. She Kills it on Jane The Virgin.

Gina plays Jane Gloriana Villanueva, an artificially inseminated virgin on the satirical romantic comedy Jane The Virgin. Quite the plot, eh? Her portrayal of Jane is so believable and likeable, and she won a Golden Globe for "Best Actress!" Still not convinced? Watch an episode or two-- it’s streaming on Netflix.

4. She Promotes Body Positivity.

Now before we even get into this, Gina has nothing short of a bangin’ bod. It’s refreshing to see someone with a non-standard body type in Hollywood lovingly embrace it. Gina told Yahoo, “In societal norms, I don’t have the “perfect” body, and yet I feel like it is, and I feel like I can rock whatever I damn well please.” She added, You can still love your body and want to work on it.”

Gina also started a lingerie line called Naja for women of all body types! Her garment company employs single moms in Colombia, pays them above average wages, and even gives them health care.

5. She Knows How to Handle Bullies.

Gina’s no stranger to being criticized. After being told she was “not Latina enough” because of her Spanish skills, Gina had to go on the defense. She spoke about bullies, “You’re telling me something you’re probably feeling about yourself. Hurt people hurt people.”

Boom! Sticking that one in my back pocket.

What’s your favorite thing about Gina Rodriguez?