It is a well-known fact that musicians just seem to have a little extra edge, charisma, courage (craziness) or whatever it is that you want to call it - they got it. After 58 years of Grammy Awards, it is no surprise that there have been some wacky, unforgettable and breathtaking moments. From eye-raising entrances to goosebump-worthy performances, to pushing limits in order to send a message, The Grammy Awards are something that you most definitely do not want to miss. 
As most of you know, this year's show is just around the corner and, with much anticipation, we are looking forward to the unforgettable moments set to come this year. But until then, in honor of #TBT we have rounded up some of the Greatest Grammy moments of all time. 
1.) The Egg Entrance
Yeah, remember the time that Lady Gaga arrived on the red carpet in an egg? Oh, wait, we mean vessel. Well, in 2011 Ms. Gaga exceeded expectations, as she never fails to shock a crowd, by arriving in a vessel to the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. She later told Jay Leno that she spent three days in the vessel before her performance. She explained that coming out of this egg-like carrier for the performance that opened the show, was meant to signify the birth of a new race. Talk about dedication. 
2.) Pharell's Hat
Ahh, the infamous hat that raised eye-brows and raised the bar for hats all over the globe. The moment Pharrell stepped out onto the red carpet for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, meme's were popping up like wild fire. The carpet, the audience, and the viewers just had a field day over this, uh, little accessory and we don't think he will ever live it down. But, he did win "Record of the Year" that year so, to that we say, the bigger the hat, the bigger the award.
3.) When Bob Dylan was Soy Bombed

That awkward moment when a random naked guy photobombs your performance. In 1998, during the 40th Annual Grammy Awards, Michael Portnoy, was originally supposed to perform as a back-up dancer during Dylan's Grammy performance of "Love Sick." However, the tables turned quickly when Portoy ripped off his shirt, revealing the words "Soy Bomb" written across his chest. 30 seconds later he was removed from the stage by security. But, hey, at least he got his point across. Wait, what was his point again? Nobody seems to know... 
4.) Melissa Etheridge's Brave Performance

Two-time Grammy Award winner Melissa Etheridge was suffering from breast cancer and in the middle of chemotherapy when she found out that she had been nominated for a Grammy Award. She made the brave decision to take the stage for the 47th Annual Grammy Awards in 2005, baring her bald and beautiful head. She performed with Joss Stone honoring Janis Joplin and the audience honored Melissa with a standing ovation. 
5.) Milli Vanilli Lip Syncing is Silly
In 1990, the R&B duo, Milli Vanilli won a Grammy Award for "Best New Artist" during the 32nd Annual Grammy Awards. Unfortunatley, their Grammy was taken away after it was revealed that they didn't actually sing on their album and it was someone else's vocals - total phonies!
6.) Kanye's Angel Wings
Let's be honest, are you surprised? Neither are we. Kanye has took to the media to share his thoughts on the fact that he is Yeezus, and in his mind that is a form of Jesus. So, in '05 during the 47th Annual Grammy Awards, he performed his hit, "Jesus Walks" while sporting a white suit and angel wings. 
7.) Justin Timberlake - Is it Too Late Now to Say Sorry?

2004 was quite a year for JT. He won his first two Grammy's during the 46th Annual Grammy Awards and just the week before, he performed during the halftime show for The Super Bowl. During his performance, he accidently tore Janet Jackson's costume revealing all that she had to offer underneath her top. So, Justin took the time to apologize during his Grammys acceptance speech. Best or worst timing ever? Ugh. An apology had to be made sooner or later we suppose. Either way, we were cringing at this video.
8.) Jon Stewart Strips Down
Jon Stewart hosted the 2002, 44th Annual Grammy Awards and he started his opening monolouge by pretending to go through security in order to enter the stage. He went from a full dapper tuxedo to suddenly being in his underwear in front of thousands of people - casual. 
9.) J Lo's Dress - or Lack Thereof
Jennifer Lopez was definitley a show stopper during the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2000. She graced the red carpet in this green Versace dress. Now, while she always looks fabulous, I am going to say the famous words that every daugther has heard from their father, "I hope you paid half the price for half of the dress." Regardless, J Lo is flawless and can do as she pleases. 
10.) Jennifer Hudson Brings the Crowd to Tears

Just three months after Jennifer's mother, brother and nephew were murdered by an estranged family member, she took to The Grammys stage in 2009 to perform "You Pulled Me Through." Jennifer delivered and ended her performance in tears. She shared, "I was definitley thinking of my family when I was singing that song. I could hear my brother in my head, like, 'Jennifer you need to kill this, you need to get up and do it.'" This performance was truly beautiful. 
11.) M.I.A. Performs Pregnant
Due dates and pregnancy could not would stop M.I.A. from performing "Swagga Like Us" during the 51st Annual Grammy Awards. The mom-to-be crushed her performance with T.I. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne and Jay Z. Props to that baby, talk about a claim to fame.
12.) Oops, He did it Again

Double #TBT. Remember when Kanye totally bombed T. Swift's moment at the VMA's? Well, just last year during the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, Kanye approached Beck and acted as if he had something to say while Beck accepted his Grammy for "Album of the Year." Was he kidding? Ahh, we still don't know - but we did chat about it during WTF Wednesday last year, click here for the vid! 
13.) Kristen Wiig Totally Wigging Out

Okay, who else stopped in their tracks last year when you saw Kristen Wiig flailing around the stage during Sia's performance of "Chandelier?" Every other second was a new assumption, "OMG! Is that Kristen Wiig?" "No, it's definitley not." "Wait, its' gotta be!" "No, it isn't, shes actually kinda good." "Oh, oh wait, that was a very peculiar move, it's totally her." This performance was epic to say the least.
Now that we've taken a trip to the past, we are so stoked to see what happens this year. Will there be rocketship entrances? What sort of stunt will Kanye pull? Who will bring us to tears? We can't wait - the countdown begins now and be sure to hang with us on Monday, Feb. 15th during the show because we will be continously updating you on all things Grammy!
What is your favorite Grammy Memory?