For the longest time the idea of mixing prints was a fashion taboo, but these days the trend is one of the hottest of the season. You can see the look popping up on all the major runways, and celebrities have completely embraced this trend. That said, there's definitely a right way and a wrong way to mix prints, and I've got four tips to help you nail this trend, and make sure you don't end up looking like you got dressed in the dark.


#1 | Match Bold Prints With Subtle Prints
I'm in love with this slouchy star printed t-shirt dress. The stars make for a highly noticeable and bold print, which is why when combining with another print, it's important to choose something that can complement the piece without distracting from it. This simple checkered flannel works perfectly because it not only picks up on the same grey tones from the dress, it's pattern is also more delicate and subtle. Although not technically a print, the color-blocked scheme from the baseball jacket adds a fashionable, yet casual, finish to the look, which is perfect for that super chill weekend. You can also play with adding a little extra pattern into the look, by adding in a simply designed bag.
Weekend Chill Look
#2 | Monochrome is Your Best Friend
Black and white is always a chic look, and monochrome is definitely one of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend. Using the same principle of bold to subtle, you can easily incorporate this style at the office or a more formal event. A checkered a-line skirt is a flattering silhouette, and the just below the knee length is very on trend. On top, a delicate print in the same monochromatic color scheme pairs nicely and adds a bit of a wow factor to the look. The lace cut-outs on the shoe are a great way to play up the pattern look while also managing to elevate the styling. For accessories, I recommend delicate - or no jewelry,  and a bright red bag brings in the perfect pop of color. This chic look is definitely one you might see Taylor Swift running around in.
Chic on Chic Look
#3 | Camouflage
If you're just starting out - or a little hesitant - about mixing prints, camouflage is great jumping off point. The neutral colors are really easy to match, and it's great for a casual day out. With camouflage, I recommend basic colors on top and bottom, but you can play with the idea of pattern by adding in a great texture. This cream crochet top gives the illusion of print, without going full zebra. For your bag, I suggest a chunky color blocked stripe in neutral tones, and a subtle leopard boot adds a bit of pizzazz at the end.
Casual Neutral Prints Look
#4 | Embrace All Over Print
Now I warn you, this last one in not for the faint of heart. As definitely the most daring application of this look, my last tip... go for it with an all over bold print look. Personally, I think this is the most fun incorporation of this trend, but it is also the most challenging to pull off. The key here is in the color palette.  Start with one central piece, and then pull the colors from that piece into your accompanying prints. I've gone with a  floral skirt, paired with a striped turtleneck, and topped off with a star printed cardigan.  These are all very bold prints, but because each piece is related in color and/or shade, it blends together in a surprisingly seamless manner.  It works because the colors of the prints are all pulled together in the skirt. For this look, I would recommend solids or neutrals on your feet.
Daring Prints Look
Honestly, the most important thing to remember with this trend is to have fun with it. Fashion is just an expression of your own creativity, so this is a perfect opportunity to be playful and not take yourself so seriously.
What's your favorite way to mix prints? Or, are you new to it, and inspired to try? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to tweet us @Hollywire with #StyleWire if you have any questions or if there’s something you want to see on the show.
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