I was super excited to shoot this week's episode of Stylewire because it addresses a problem we all have... the days we have NOTHING to wear. Through years of work as a stylist, I've found that having a few great-fitting basics in your closet can help pull any look together. It was kind of hard to narrow down my picks to just five items - I probably have about 10 pieces I constantly reach for - but i realized that having 5 great core pieces to work with, makes putting different looks together effortless and easy.

#1 A Great Pair of Jeans

I used to hate jeans, but now I love them and it’s because I finally found ones that fit me (trust me I know that struggle!) The ones I am wearing here are Levis, but I also love the fit of a cropped pair from Forever21 and I have those in 3 colors. Find a pair that work for you and your lifestyle whether you want a smarter pair to where to work or if you are casual girl and just want some to hang out with friends. It might take some time to find the perfect pair but once you do you will live in them!

#2 A Plain Tee. 

I have a couple of different colored basic T-shirts in my closet and they make styling statement pieces easy as they are the perfect base. Just find a couple of colors that work for you, the same rule applies with t-shirts as it does the jean, its all about the shape. If you are bigger chested then going for a v or scoop neckline can be really flattering, I like to go for something not too tight or too loose so I have the option to tuck it in for a smart defined shape or wear it out and loose for a more relaxed look. Here I have dressed it down and gone for a flannel shirt tide at the waist for a little more shape and a pair of cool sunglasses.

#3 A Leather Jacket

This is my go to, as it’s super versatile to dress up and down. Find one that fits you really well in the shoulders and body, also go for a color that mosts suits your style, I have a a couple of different ones but my black one is the one I couldn't live without.

#4 A White Shirt

Kind of a new must have for me as I hadn't worn't a white shirt since I was at school but since picking one up I have found so many great ways to style it. You could go for one like this a classic fitted one, or even a oversized boyfriend style shirt. Here I have paired it with a smart black jean and black heel, for a smarter chic look.

#5 Classic Black Pumps

With this essential it is sooooo important to find a great “comfortable’’ pair, these are great for a formal occasion, to wear in the office or out on a night out. 

And there you go….are you missing any style essentials? Or maybe you have a few others to add to this let me know in the comments below? If you recreate any of the outfits be sure to tweet us @Hollywire #StyleWire.

Check out the latest episode of StyleWire below:


Electra Formosa is an LA-Based celebrity stylist and host of Hollywire's StyleWire. Follow her on twitter and instagram @ElectraFormosa