The official Facebook page for Disney’s The Jungle Book just introduced us to its cast in a seriously epic way. The film is being released in theaters on April 15th and the excitement is growing bigger every day, especially after seeing these incredible pictures of the actors pose alongside the characters they voice in the movie.

Take a look at the pictures and what the actors had to say about their characters below!


1. Idris Elba - "Shere Khan"

Playing a tiger fueled by fear, hatred, and an overprotective nature, Idris Elba says that Shere "terrorizes everyone he encounters" and will do anything to rid the forest of humans. He looks absolutely terrifying in the trailer, and we cannot wait to see how the award-winning actor is going to bring this character to life. 

2. Lupita Nyong'O - "Raksha"

The classic mother figure in the film is played by the beautiful and talented Lupita Nyong'O, who adopts the human boy (Mowgli) after he is abandoned in the jungle. Lupita said that "'Raksha' actually means protection in Hindi," and that she really connected with that idea. 

3. Scarlett Johansson - "Kaa"

Like they say, you can't trust a snake. The Avengers actress plays the deceiving snake that mesmerizes and tricks Mowgli into some seriously dangerous situations. Scarlett Johansson described Kaa as "alluring" and says, "she's the mirror into Mowgli's past."

4. Christopher Walken - "King Louie"

The iconic Christopher Walken plays the giant 12-foot ape who really just wants to understand how humans create fire, and believes that Mowgli  can help him get the answer. We are so excited to see how Christopher Walken brings his unique sense of humor to this character! 

5. Ben Kingsley - "Bagheera"

Bagheera is probably the biggest guide in Mowgli's life. He is constantly protecting him, teaching him how to survive in the jungle, and acting as his guide as he grows up. From films like Shutter Island, Ghandi, and Schindler's List, Academy Award winner and legendary actor, Sir Ben Kingsley, knows exactly what he's doing. 

6. Giancarlo Esposito - "Akela"

Akela is the leader of the wolf pack that adopts Mowgli, however he fears that the boy may put everyone in danger one day. Giancario describes Akela as "fierce...a great leader and a wise teacher". 

We didn't get a glimpse of Baloo (played by Bill Murray) or Mowgli (Neel Sethi​) in this latest teaser, which has us wondering if anything even bigger is planned to introduce these two popular characters? 

What do you think of these cast pictures? Let us know!