Just keep swimming; just keep swimming!

We’ve now been swimming for nearly 13 years, and are SO excited that in just a few months, we will once again be swimming along side Dory, Nemo, and the whole Finding Nemo gang. We are sure you’ve heard the wonderful news that our favorite characters of the deep ocean blue are swimming back into theatres for the Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Doryon June 17th, 2016!

With the premiere so incredibly close, Finding Dory details are springing up left and right! So, we thought, since Dory is quite forgetful we should put  a little something together to remind her - and all of us -  of what the movie will entail!

Fishnopsis (synopsis)

After spending most of her life forgetting every moment that happened to her and nearly every fish she encountered, Dory suddenly has a revelation and remembers that she does, in fact, have a fish family of her own! With this very important memory in her brain, she, Marlin, and Nemo set off on a new adventure in search of Dory's mother and father. 

Check out the adorable trailer that will have you nearing waterworks!

Imagine what the movie itself will do to our hearts!

The oFISHal Movie Poster

There are actually quite a few Finding Dory movie posters, but this one is our favorite! How cute is she?! 

Old Friends and New Friends

Finding Dory will welcome back some of our favorite characters, and better yet, introduce some new ones! Say hello to the adorable new Dory crew.

Old Friends:

Dory - Ellen Degeneres

Marlin - Albert Brooks

Nemo - Hayden Rolence

Crush and Squirt -Andrew Stanton and Bennett Dammann 

Mr. Ray - Bob Peterson

New Friends:

Fish Couple - Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon 

(photo has not be released)

Dory's Parents, Jenny and Charlie - Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy


Photo: Pixar


Hank - Ed O'Neill

Photo: Pixar

Bailey - Ty Burrell

Photo: Pixar

Fluke and Rudder - Idris Elba and Dominic West

Photo: Pixar

Destiny - Kaitlin Olsen

Photo: Pixar

Photo: Pixar
Oh my goodness! What an adorable new crew of ocean creatures. We are so excited that another Dory, Marlin, and Nemo adventure is just around the corner! Until then, just keep swimming!
Which New Character Are You Most Excited To Meet?