I'm just going to jump right in and say it... there was a lot of weird sh*t happening this week. A lady took matters into her own hands when the toilet at her date’s house wouldn’t flush, and created a real-life Dumb and Dumber scene, Tinder-ing with political candidates is now a thing, and the candy making its way into baskets just got a lot stranger. I'm breaking down all that and more of the craziest stories of the week.

Time to get your weird on...

T-Rex Hands

Between duck lips and sparrow face, there’s always a new selfie trend on social media. This beauty blogger is trying to make “T-Rex Hands” a thing! Basically, by letting your hand go limp and resting it on your chin, cheekbones or hair, you’re apparently doing “T-Rex hands.” Now, I love dinosaurs as much as the next gal (shout out to all my Bracchiosaurus homies!), but I think calling this a trend is a bit of a stretch. Our hands are often near our faces in real life and happen to be captured like that in photos—not sure it’s anything new. But it’s a cool name!

Panda Bubble Bath!

How cute is this adorable panda taking a bubble bath in a tiny tub? His name is Tian Tian, which means “More and More,” and he seemed to really enjoy a soak at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Tian Tian weighs 264 pounds! The Smithsonian said that pandas don’t bathe regularly in the wild, but right now Tian Tian is exhibiting breeding season behaviors, so he really likes to play in the water. Gotta stay clean for the lady pandas!

Thigh Gap Jewelry

Thigh Gap—the space between a girl’s thighs when she stands with her feet touching—became a goal many strived for within the last couple of years. Well thigh gap jewelry just hit the market! But…it’s not what you think. Designer Soo Kyung Bae created Tgap-- a website where you can shop for inner thigh necklaces. But—when you go to pay, the website gives you the message, “TGap Jewelry is a fictional company…It is launched to catalyze a debate on unrealistic body image social media portrays.” Some girls definitely feel the pressure to achieve this feature, but the real question is: who wants a necklace hanging from their butt?

What was your favorite weird story this week? Let me know in the comments!


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