Jennifer Lopez took the Carpool Karaoke challenge last night, and our favorite diva really delivered! From pranking Leonardo DiCaprio to belting out her hits with host James Corden and even addressing rumors about her butt, it was an episode to remember! Check out all the best moments below!

If you don’t have the 13 minutes to watch the whole Carpool Karaoke video above and want to catch the highlights, here are the seven moments that were kind of everything.

1. Call Me Jennifer

As J. Lo and James Corden kicked off their cruise around Los Angeles, James first had to get one thing straight — what to call her! “You can call me Jennifer.” Ms. Lopez stated. Got it. But she added, “A lot of people call me J. Lo.”

2. She Doesn’t Insure Her Butt

But she seemed to know a whole lot about it! When James asked, “This is a thing I’ve read - did you insure your butt for a million dollars?” J. Lo insisted, “No! There is no such thing as that.” She said you can’t insure body parts in the U.S., but stated she did think you could in the U.K.!

3. That Epic Harmony

Jennifer seemed to get most into singing, “Jenny from the Block,” however there was definitely a moment there where James belted it out louder than her! They moved onto Bruno Mars‘ hit “Locked Outta Heaven” and gave it 100% as well. The two naturally harmonized, sounding like a perfect duet.

4. Spanish Intensity

I’ve never see J. Lo so passionate than when she sang a song off her Spanish album Como Ama una Mujer. Mama got really into it. “This is so intense,” James said with a big smile on his face, as J Lo stared him down, before hitting his arm. “My arm took a real beating there.”

5. Music Video Lessons

We have to include that moment J. Lo taught James how to be in a music video! Hint: It involves lots of face touching and head rolling! After whipping his head forward, James exclaimed, “I nearly made the air bag go off!”

6. J. Lo Keeps Very Famous Friends

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with J. Lo? When James presses her for names, asking, “Who’s the most famous person you’ve got in your phone?” J. Lo at first resisted answering, then gave in. “There’s a few… I’m friends with Demi Lovato, Chris Brown, Bradley Cooper, Christiano Ronaldo…” James excitedly replied, “This is the best phone I’ve ever seen in my life!” Then grabbed it and scrolled through, reveling at celebrities in her address book. “Fergie… this is Iggy Azalea?  She’s just down as Iggy!”

7. Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Pranked

James insists on sending a text to one of J. Lo’s famous friends, and settled on Leonardo DiCaprio! Good choice. What was fascinating to me was that Jen said it wouldn’t be believable to address him as “Hey Leo” and suggested “Hey baby” instead. Sounds flirty!

James texted Leo from her phone, “Hey baby, I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions?” And Leo replied!“You mean tonight, Boo-Boo? Club-wise?” Ha! “I guess I’m going out!” J. Lo said. “Nah, I’m totally not. I’ll be home cooking with my kids.”

What were your favorite moments from J. Lo on Carpool Karaoke?


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