Have you heard about the guy who got not one, but two Kylie Jenner Lip Kit tattoos? Plus, we tried to make popcorn on a hair straightener, and Justin Bieber learned to speak cat! Check out this episode of Weird This Week, and catch up on all your other weekly weirdness while you’re at it!

Wanna give speaking cat a try? Kittify cat language generator here.

Gray Lips?

Of all the colors on the makeup spectrum, I never thought I’d see gray! Yes, friends, gray is now a trending lip color. Props for those who take beauty risks. It looks interesting in photos, but in real life, I don’t think it’d be the most flattering thing. However, I never thought I’d dig gray hair (on young girls), but some girls can seriously pull that off!

Aziz Ansari Stars in a Kanye West Music Video!

You know how some celebrities do things that makes them seem totally calculated, yet others seem to take actions purely for their own joy?! This week, Aziz Ansari fell into the latter category! The actor/comedian earned major cool points when he made a music video of he and his Master of None co-star Eric Wareheim prancing around Italy! You might remember that Aziz is spending some time there, and by the looks of it, the living is good! We get to see Aziz slurp spaghetti, twirl in a meadow, ride bikes through the cobblestone streets, and revel in silliness. Thank you, Aziz, this is truly a gift.

Salt-Flavored Fork?!

Salt is delicious. It makes food irresistible (talking to you, popcorn), and brings out the flavor in items that you’d never knew could be so enjoyable (yeah, broccoli!). However, too much of the stuff is known to cause health problems like high blood pressure. Well this week, I learned there’s an electromagnetic fork that sends a little current to your tongue, making food taste salty, without the sodium! How cool! The “No Salt Restaurant” in Tokyo tested it out this week, and it sounded like a success! The electro fork can also mimic sour and bitter flavors. If this tastes as good as it sounds, we are so in.

What were your favorite weird stories this week?

Photo Credit (gray lips): ILuvSarahII


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