Shay Mitchell’s ridiculous Snapchat characters, jetpacking, and real-life unicorns! We covered all of these on Weird This Week, but it’s Friday and you know I’ve got some more weird stories up my sleeve! Get it all below!

You guys, didn’t jetpacking look so fun? Big thanks to Jetpack America for giving us that experience!

Blackout tattoos

Blackout tattoos exist and they are pretty much just what they sound like—covering large parts of your body in solid black ink. Many people get blackout tattoos to cover up other tattoos they’ve fallen out of love with. While this trend is hot this week and definitely intriguing, it creates a pretty permanent situation atop your skin!

Sleeping with Sharks

AirBnB launched what they call a contest—a chance to sleep with sharks! Why would you ever want to do that? I don’t know, but  AirBnB thinks it’s prizeworthy! The hospitality company is holding a contest where the lucky winner gets to sleep in a transparent room built inside a Paris aquarium – with sharks swimming all around them. It’s like a nightmare come true! To “win” it, you have to write an essay convincing them why you belong with sharks for a night. I’m into adventure and everything (pschh, I tried jetpacking), but I don’t know if I’d want to sleep with sharks around me.  Would you?

Egg Waffle Ice Cream Cones

This must be the year of beautiful desserts! Check out the new kid on the block, Eggloo! It’s a shop in NYC that uses Hong Kong-style egg waffles as ice cream cones! The cones, err, waffles, are stuffed with ice cream and topped with brightly colorful toppings. Can I please get a flight to New York to try these, stat? So instagrammable!

Banana Peel Challenge

Oh, the banana peel challenge. You know how in old cartoons, characters would slip on banana peels and fall? Well after a guy named Jason Oakes posted a video of him trying to see if banana peels were actually slippery and then falling hard on his butt, more than 100,000 people retweeted and liked his status. And of course it doesn’t stop there—tons of teens have been giving it a go, and then posting their wipeouts online using #BananaPeelChallenge. It’s a little bit entertaining to watch, but in doing so, it makes me wonder if the movie Idiocracy is coming true!

What was your favorite weird story of the week?