Ariana Grande's new album drops on May 20th and I just cant get enough of "Dangerous Woman!" I am literally all ears! The songbird is even selling the sweatshirts that she used to reveal the album's title on Instagram. You can pick these up on her website for $60, but I am going to show you how you can make your own for a lot less!

I have also been loving her transition from cat ears to bunny ears, and have been super obsessed with these lacey ones! They would be a great addition to a party or festival look and I am going to show you how to create your very own!

To make the sweatshirt, you will need:
A Plain sweatshirt
T-Shirt Transfer paper & printer
iron & ironing board

1. Print out Dangerous Woman on Transfer Paper, backwards to make sure its in mirror image once you iron it on.
2. Layout sweatshirt on ironing board.
3. Cut out words.
4. Place them where you want them and iron on.
5. Peel back paper and you're done!
To make the Lace ears, you will need:
Some Black Lace
Black Wire & Wire Cutters
Black thread and needle
A Black Headed

1. Bend wire into shape for your first ear with the help of the headband to work out the position. 
2. Cut wire to length.
3. Lay out lace and cut to size.
4. Sew around the wire to attach the lace.
5. Bend wire around the headband (be sure the end of the wire finishes on the top).
6. Cut off the excess lace.
7. Make and attach the second bunny ear.
8. And you're done!
Check out the latest episdoe of StyleWire to see the full video on how to make these :)

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