Damnnn Jimmy! Back at it again with the lip sync challenges - but this time on a whole new level. 

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon dabble's in quite the epic lip sync battles. If you recall, Jimmy Fallon has duked it out with some of Hollywood's greatest stars like, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy, and Tom Cruise for the show's fan favorite game: Lip Sync Battle. Jimmy brought the idea over from his previous show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and each battle gets more and more intense. I mean, Melissa McCarthy's was complete with crazy props for her rendition of "Colors of the Wind" -- talk about dedication. We even wrote up a little something dedicated to our favorite Lip Sync Battles, but we're thinkin' we're going to have to do a little update since the show has been cranking out battles for the ages left and right!

While we love us some Lip Sync Battles, we were stoked to see a little twist on the game. Last night Jimmy premiered Lip Sync Conversation and had the lovely, Ariana Grande as his guinea pig. Let's just say this, we are OBSESSED with this new game and we hope it's here to stay!

So, basically, what happens is Jimmy and a guest have a full-length conversation by lip syncing songs that we all know and love. We gotta say, this conversation gave Ariana's "Dangerous Woman," a whole new meaning. Check it out!

Pretty rad, right? We're thinking an entire lip sync conversation made out of Justin Bieber songs would be hilarious. 

What songs would you love to hear in Jimmy's next lip sync conversation?