On this week’s StyleWire I have taken my inspiration from Beyonce and Blue Ivy….Beyonce posted a Instagram recently of her and cutie mini me in matching patch denim jackets. These jackets are custom from Gucci and come in at $4400!! I loved them but there is no way I will be purchasing on…so I decided to show you how you could DIY your very own for a LOT less! 

You Will Need:

A Denim Jacket

Patches of your choice

Iron & Ironing Board

Paint, Brush and Sentence (Optional)


STEP #1. Pick out your patches and work out where they are going to go on your jacket.

STEP #2. Iron or sew on the patches depending on the instructions.

STEP #3. I am painting, using a stencil, on the word “Amour” like Beyonce's but you could write whatever you like.

STEP #4. Now style it however you like…I went with a look like Beyonce….a floral shirt and jeans.

Will you be customizing a denim jacket? What else would you like to see on StyleWire? Let me know in the comments! 

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