It’s the battle of the blenders!

Chrissy Teigen is a master of Twitter sparring, and the 30-year-old model seemed on cloud nine on Tuesday when she inadvertently started a heated Twitter war between several blender companies.

This whole thing started when Teigen tried to do a nice thing by sending a blender to a fan that tweeted her about getting sidetracked on Amazon.

Things got weird when Teigen tried to follow through with her word by telling a friend named Amina that she bought her a Vitamix blender as a gift. She tweeted, “I DM’ed Amina that I would send her a Vitamix and literally 3 seconds later I got a notification saying @Vitamix is now following. SPIES!?”

A competing blender company Nutribullet responded to Teigen’s tweet with a sassy reply saying, “That’s why you need a #NutriBullet.@chrissyteigen.”

Dang. NutriBullet coming in out of nowhere!

Cleary entertained, Teigen couldn’t help but follow up by tweeting, “Oh shiiieeet BleNdeR WArrrS!!!” And thus a “blender war’ was started.

It was pretty amazing, actually. At one point, a third food processing company got into the ring which only made Teigen get even more hyped up.

Then Beyoncé was brought up because what’s a Twitter battle without bringing up the Queen Bey. If you don’t love the Queen then you’re automatically out! NutriBullet was first to respond about their love for Queen B, while Teigen was waiting for Blend Tec’s response.

And then Teigen’s hubby John Legend woke up from his nap, presumably astounded by what his insanely incredible wife does during her down time. Yeah if I was Chrissy I would probs say I was doing something more productive too.

Meanwhile, Teigen’s 2-month-old daughter Luna ended up bringing peace to the blender war.  And just like that the ‘blender war’ came to end. RIP. 

Thank you, Chrissy Teigen, for always keeping things interesting on our Twitter feeds! We will be anxiously waiting for what you will tweet next.

What did you guys think of the 'Blender War' on Twitter?