We know her for her harsh words, brash ways and intent to perfect any unforseeable flaw in her young dancers, but now she's in the spotlight for a whole different reason.

Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller is now facing a possible prison sentence after she pleaded guilty Monday morning to bankruptcy fraud, and failing to report more than $10,000 worth of Australian currency that she brought into the country. With the direction the court case is heading the outcome may not be in her favor.

Miller originally filed for bankruptcy in 2012, but when her bankruptcy judge stumbled upon her TV show, he guessed she had to be making more than the $8,899 she was claiming. As it turns out, the FBI and other agencies found more than $775,000 being hidden from Miller's income claim, according to USA Today. In addition to that, the Lifetime Network star was caught trying to hide more than $120,000 of money by having others divide the money and hide it in plastic bags on the way back from Australia in August 2014. This violates a law that requires any U.S. citizen to report more than $10,000 of currency being brought into the United States from another country.

The famous dance instructor released a statement to The Associated Press Monday, saying she plans to "accept responsibility" for the charges made against her. Shortly after the statement was released, U.S. District Judge Terrence McVerry scheduled a guilty plea hearing for next week.

Prosecutors said that guidelines for charges like these imply that she could be facing 24-30 months. Her defense attorney argues that her creditors suffered no loss, which means the sentence could vary from probation to six months. Miller will attend a sentence hearing on October 11.

The question being asked by fans of the show is what will become of Abby Lee Miller's dance girls after the sentence hearing?

In December 2015 Miller spoke to Entertainment Tonight about dealing with the charges against her. Check out the video and tell us what you think!

Will the Abby Lee Miller Dance Studio be able to push through the charges that Abby is facing?