Emison fans, we hear you. We know you’ve been waiting and begging for Emily and Alison to finally come together on Pretty Little Liars, so when we recently sat down with Shay Mitchell, you know we had to get all the juicy details we could.

Chelsea Briggs and Shay chatted all about Emison, as well as what’s going to go down with Emily this season. We also had to chat with her about her growing empire and hugely successful YouTube channel. The girl is killing it! 

The seventh season premiere of Pretty Little Liars goes down on Tuesday, June 21st at 8PM on Freeform! Also, make sure to stay tuned for Freeform’s new drama, Guilt, at 9PM. During Guilt, we’ll be getting a sneak peek clip in the second episode of PLL, showing Aria in a crazy intense love triangle! You won’t want to miss it.

Do you want Emily and Alison to be together?