Ariana Grande is on fire right now, and I have been loving her latest video for her new single "Into You". The tiny songstress looks super hot in two amazing fringe jackets and for this week's StyleWire, I  couldn't resist showing you how to DIY your own denim one at home.

 You Will Meed:
- A Denim Jacket
- Some old denim (fabric or a pair of jeans)
- A picker or tweezers
Step 1. Cut your denim to the right size for the back and arms of your jacket.
Step 2. Start to pick away the blue or white threads depending on what color you want your fringe to be.
Step 3. Once your fringe is made, sew it onto the jacket along the seams.
And it's that simple! I have gone ahead an styled up a look just like her's but this denim jacket would go with so many things!
Let me know what you guys thought of this Ariana Grande "Get the Look" and who else would you like to see on StyleWire?
You can also watch the whole episode to see the look in action....


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