Happy Independence Day, friends! I hope you’re rocking your red, white, blue, eating way too much food, having some fun in the sun, and thinking about how proud you are to be an American.

One celebrity who is definitely proud of her country is the one and only Katy Perry. Guys, this girl knows how to show off her patriotic spirit, and I’m not just talking about on the 4th of July. All year round, Katy screams “I love America!” by performing at political rallies or rocking some sort of American flag apparel. Don’t believe me? Well, friends, I present to you the 5 reasons why Katy Perry is THE most patriotic celebrity around.

“Baby You’re a Firework…”

I mean, she does have a hit song called “Firework,” which honestly, should really be played during every firework display around the country tonight. Just a thought.

Her Patriotic Wardrobe

Katy is the QUEEN of rocking stars and stripes… and everything in between. She’s worn multiple American flag dresses, been decked out in stars and stripes, and even wore a skin-tight dress that turned her into an actual election ballot to support President Obama. And speaking of President Obama…

2 Words: Obama Nails

There’s no doubt about it: Katy is a big fan of Barack Obama. In fact, while performing at his re-election rally back in 2012, she rocked this Obama manicure that featured his face, the Democratic logo, and a whole lot of stars and stripes. Honestly, probably the coolest manicure ever! And guess what… she did it again for Hillary Clinton!  

She Loves Political Rallies

In case you’re wondering, Katy LOVES political rallies, which makes US love her even more. She was very vocal about her support for President Obama during his campaign, and has performed at numerous Hillary Clinton rallies this year. To us, it’s obvious that she truly cares about this country, and basically she’s #TeamAmerica!

She Even Sings About America

And finally, she loves America so much that she can even belt out an American tune like nobodies business. During one of Clinton’s campaign rallies last October, Katy entertained the crowd with her hit songs, like “Roar” and, of course, “Firework.” But she also took on “America the Beautiful,” which will give you goosebumps for days!

Who do YOU think is the most patriotic celebrity?