5 Seconds of Summers song “Girls Talk Boys” found its way to the interweb, almost a week before it was set to be released, and fans of the band aren’t the only ones freaking out. The 5SOS boys took to Snapchat to share all their feelings on the Ghostbusters track dropping early. Read on to see the video; but I've got to tell you, it’s a roller coaster of emotions. You’ve been warned.

Any new 5SOS music makes us feel like:

We’ve known for awhile that Calum, Michael, Ashton, and Luke would be bestowing some new musical greatness upon us soon. In early June, the name of the song “Girls Talk Boys” was released, and before anyone could give it a listen, it had a 5-star rating on iTunes! Yeah, 5SOSFam  are kind of the most supportive.

Anyway, some rebel of the dark underbelly of the cyberworld leaked the song online this past Saturday, and many fans have now listened to it ahead of the planned release date. When the boys found out, well, let’s just say we now know not to hand them anything remotely breakable while delivering bad news.

Ashton Irwin pretended to cry while bursting out, "I just found out that ‘Girls Talk Boys’ has been leaked and it’s online and you all are listening to it.”

Michael Clifford had a more explosive response, screaming, “Whoever the f*ck that leaked it, I’m gonna f*cking find you!” (At least that’s what we can make out). But, we heard giggles toward the end of the snap, making us think the boys are having getting silly and overreacting, and making the best of the leak. Calum Hood let his face say it all, gurgling, “Why?! Whyyyyy?!” as he made the face of an adorable yet traumatized swamp creature of sorts. No word from Luke Hemmings. Is the lead singer on a wild goose chase to find the perpetrator? We hope so.

Fans seem to have mixed feelings about getting their hands on the song early. Twitter account “5SOSSnapchat” rallied fans to avoid listening to the track until the planned release on Friday, July 15. They wrote, “RT if you still haven't listened to the leaked version of #GIRLSTALKBOYS because same! We're all in this together!”

Another fan poked fun at Luke’s silence on the matter, tweeting:

One other fan tweeted, “when the song gets leaked but your (sic) trying to be a good fan #Respect5SOS #GIRLSTALKBOYS

It’s pretty cool fans are dedicated enough to the band to hold off on listening until the boys officially release “Girls Talk Boys.” As of now, the song is still not available on iTunes, but with the leak, I wouldn’t be surprised if it became available earlier than scheduled.

Will you listen to the song early, or wait until the official release?


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