If you love the The Bachelorette, you're going to love Kristen Wiig’s interview with Jimmy Fallon!

Wiig approached her interview with Fallon, pretending to be none other then current Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher!

Not only does Kristen act like the Bachelorette during the entire interview, but she wore a wig and cute JoJo-style cocktail dress to go along with the hilarious act!

Kristen (I mean JoJo), was asked to identify the four remaining contestants on The Bachelorette. She shared that she has nicknamed them "Scotchy," "Mark Hamill," "Deucey," and "Korn.

Fletcher was also questioned what her full name was, she replied that her entire name was in fact "JoJosephina.”

Another question that Fallon asked was to describe her dream date. Her response? Well, it would definitely involve a chicken farm...

"It would be a romantic thing to see how someone would react to animals running around."

Check out the hilarious interview below!

What man do you think will win JoJo’s heart?