Reese Witherspoon celebrated the 15-year anniversary of Legally Blonde on her Snapchat and she's giving us all the feels! We’re really missing Elle Woods right now.

Witherspoon broke out her old Elle Woods costumes from her vault and tried them on for the classic movie’s anniversary. She totally rocks the outfits! It’s like Elle never left us.

The 40-year-old actress documented the fun afternoon on Wednesday. Reese even tried on the bikini she wore in the pool for Elle’s Harvard admissions video. She proved that after all these years, Elle’s teeny pink bikini is still a perfect fit!

That wasn’t the only costume the actress tried on for her friends. Witherspoon also modeled her pink bunny suit and several other pink outfits, in addition to reciting lines form the movie on both her Snapchat and Instagram.

She even did the bend and snap! Fans have been trying to get Witherspoon to do the iconic move for years! It was flawless of course. I mean everyone remembers this moment in the movie. Lets take a look back at it. 

After a big day of going down memory lane, Witherspoon had a message for her followers. “Wow, what a day!!! Thank you all so much for celebrating 15 years of #LegallyBlonde with me. I had a blast! #LegallyBLonde15,” she Instagrammed.

After seeing all these snaps, we want another Legally Blonde movie! Come on Witherspoon just one more…Please?

Check out a compilation of all her snaps!

What did you guys think of Reese’s snaps? Do you guys miss Legally Blonde?