What’s the worst thing someone’s ever done to you in a relationship? Shot you with a flaming arrow? Well if not, you’re better off than Ryan Stock. In a stunt gone so, so wrong, he and his fiancé Amber Lynn Walker were competing on America’s Got Talent. In the name of entertainment, Ryan allowed her to shoot a flaming arrow at a target in front of his face (which seems like that alone could injure him pretty badly, but whatevs). Amber Lynn missed, and well, you can probably guess what happened next (but let’s be real, you need to see it for yourself). Watch the flaming faux pas below!

The quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent were underway…Ryan had already swallowed a curved sword, and was ready to move on to the main event. He swallowed a soon-to-be-flaming arrow for good measure, and his fiancé pulled it out of his mouth before perching herself atop a pink ladder with a crossbow in hand. She prepared to shoot, as Ryan put on safety glasses and a mouth guard (which would not help him with what was about to happen). He dismantled a lamp, swallowed the skinny base, with the bottom sticking out of his mouth and revealing a target. He hunched forward, and waited for the shot…

Amber Lynn aimed, and she missed—she hit Ryan in the neck with fire!

The camera cut back to Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Mel B and Heidi Klum all looking shocked, and wondering if the contestant was ok! Nick Cannon confirmed Ryan wasn’t too harmed, and Ryan explained, “It caught my shirt. I’m ok.”

Sounds like they have some things to work out before tying the knot! Watch the full video below:

What do you think of this stunt gone wrong?


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